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CRUZ CLOTHING – The Evolution of Gospel Fashion

Fashion The evangelical fashion existed, it is not today that we see the shirts with the evangelical messages, drawings, prints, phrases that speak of Jesus up and down.

As, indeed, the gospel has undergone a transformation in the last decade.It is not possible to listen to music, movies, series, even in politics, to make a book of the evangelical public, and in fashion this front was no different.

Several websites, which carry the message of God, The Cruz Clothing, is different.

The Cruz Clothing, seeks to bring together what happens in the world, that is, a current fashion, a fashion based on the News, do not get caught up in a campaign or a phrase from the past, but in a presentation of the present. impact my generation today?

On top of this truth that we create our prints, our designers are leaning on what happens in the world to bring a new picture, which portrays the love for God and contextualizes what happens in the world.

This Post is made for you who do not live in Brazil, or do not speak Portuguese, but who would like to rely on the Gospel news in your Country.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our shirts, please contact us at [email protected]

We make a custom shirt too, that is, we write like Phrases in your language, we always do what is possible to do everything, so that the Message is printed. Follow us on Instagram


Do you want to send us a message in whatsapp? +55 21 96512-4699Today we already work with Exports to Countries like United States, Spain, Portugal

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